OOP ice cream, Qatar | Identity Designed

OOP ice cream, Qatar | Identity Designed

OOP ice cream, Qatar | Identity Designed

“What does ice cream mean to people?” This is the first question we had when we started working on this project. “Dessert,” said someone quickly… “Wrong!” Replied a voice from the other side of the room. “It’s comfort. It’s a reward… it’s childhood.” And this is where this branding story begins.

OOP is an ice cream shop based in Qatar. The concept is friendly and familiar, so we wanted to dig deep on the experience that this cool edible has offered since our childhood: comfort with a nostalgic wink.

For the logotype, we went with the flow (literally) and played with the melting sensation of one letter into the other, personalising the typography and avoiding edges for a round, wavy finish. Through repetition we achieved a staple look that feels fun and lively.

The editorial system uses a more structured, monospaced sans, that contrasts with the constant loop of the logotype. We complemented the identity with illustrations of a vintage cartoon-inspired character that tells a story of how living on the run can turn very hard… while melting. Diagonal text compositions reflect a spontaneous nature, just like the whim for ice cream.

The colour palette is inspired by the pastel tones of vintage ice cream shops, only disrupted by bright tones to make it interesting and contemporary.

OOP, don’t let them melt.

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