Meet the graduates: Birmingham City University’s James Lunn

Meet the graduates: Birmingham City University’s James Lunn

Meet the graduates: Birmingham City University’s James Lunn

James Lunn is a 21-year-old BA Graphic Communication graduate from Birmingham City University. His final project is BBC Bitesize360.

Design Week: Can you explain briefly what your final project was about?

James Lunn: BBC Bitesize360 is an Oculus Quest 2 application whereby students use VR to explore their learning in an immersive and futuristic way. The application is targeted at both male and female audiences between the ages of 11-16. The interface is personalised throughout, ensuring the child is at the heart of the Bitesize experience, and so progression can be closely monitored through the parent portal included. The Bitesize360 application future-proofs BBC Bitesize using VR technology and ensures a more fun and memorable experience.

DW: What was the most challenging aspect of the project?

JL: The most challenging aspect of the Bitesize360 project was undoubtedly the research process. Having an age range of 11-16 year olds, this threw up a few obstacles that I needed to address. Firstly, crafting a questionnaire that is tailored and adequate for this age bracket, as well as receiving sufficient responses that varied in age and gender. This process undoubtedly encroached on my project development, but I knew this research was necessary to inform my design choices for the interface.

DW: Where do you see your design career in five years?

JL: I am currently working in industry as a junior UX/UI designer, and hope to explore this area further as I start to gain knowledge and experience of this field. In five years’ time I hope to be a sufficient practitioner in UX/UI and continue working for a design agency as a mid-weight designer.

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