How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards – Print Peppermint

How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards – Print Peppermint

How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards – Print Peppermint

Many perceive a business card as an important attribute of a successful entrepreneur. Do not think that this is a relic, and in the era of the Internet, your own website or page on social networks is enough. A professionally designed business card will complement your image as a photographer and make it easier to promote your business.

Obviously, a photo retouching service like Flip Retouch can help you improve the quality of the graphical part and adjust the image to your requirements. But you should think through custom and creative photo business card design ideas to make sure that it is a representation of your image.

In this article, we are going to revise the recommendation regarding designing your business cards. Read further to know how to make them irresistible and professional.

Why Do You Need It?

There are several reasons why you should not neglect the creation of business cards. Let’s look at them in more detail.

  1. Your image. A quality business card is a sign of a reliable business. Consciously, we understand that anyone can order them from a printing house, but subconsciously we perceive the owner of business cards more favorably. Therefore, just believe they are really useful for improving your reputation and building the right image.
  2. Convenience. Contact information is hard to remember, and there is not always a pen and paper at hand to write the desired phone number. In a highly competitive environment, no one will go through unnecessary difficulties to contact you and order your services. This problem is easily solved with a business card, which already has all the necessary information.
  3. Brand recognition. Even the simplest card contains your logo and company name. If a person periodically pokes a look at this data, they will involuntarily be remembered. It is clear that if such a person needs services from your area, he will turn to you. That is why it is convenient when a business card performs a complementary function, and a person can use it daily or at least keep it in sight. We’ll talk about this aspect later in this article.
  4. Demonstration of your capabilities. A business card can show your creativity and unconventional approach to business. In addition, the photographer can place a wonderful photo on it, which will show his professional level. In any case, a business card is an element of the overall image and represents you as a specialist.

We think these arguments are enough for you to understand how useful business cards can be. Now let’s see how best to make them so that they perform these functions most effectively.

Create a Strategy

A recognizable image is an important tool for promotion. If you want to work on a personal brand, make sure that all elements of your business have distinctive features. You can’t just insert a beautiful picture and write contacts on a business card. Its design should fit into the overall concept. For example, by clicking on the specified link, a potential client should immediately understand that he has landed on the right site.

However, to do this, you must initially have an overall design strategy in place. Think about what details will help to recognize you at a glance. They should become a kind of signature. You must include such elements in the design of all your resources and, of course, business cards. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Name and Logo

You can promote a company name or your personal brand. In any case, do not forget to write the name next to the contacts. This makes the business card more personal, and customers will be more willing to contact you. Faceless cards without personal data look dry and unattractive.

A business card is unthinkable without a logo. It should be clearly visible and immediately catch the eye. Needless to say, your logo must be carefully crafted and original. Place it in such a way that it immediately catches the eye. At the same time, do not try to turn the entire business card into one big logo; leave room for other important data.

Your Contacts

, How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards


Do not forget to include several ways to contact you. Your phone number is a must. You may also add your email and messengers. The information about your social media accounts is optional, but it is definitely good for promotion. Make sure you are easy to contact. No one will install an additional application just to write to you. People prefer to use familiar tools and do not like unnecessary obstacles.

Choice of Colors

The visual component of the card should not be an exact replica of your site header. It is worth sticking to one style and one color scheme in the design, but this is not a strict rule. You can opt for a minimalistic solution, adding only your logo for recognition. However, you should not deviate much from the idea you have chosen to design the rest of the resources.

If you want to put more information on the business card, read more about a content-first design. This content-based approach can be really beneficial for you and your business. Do not be surprised; even the information on a business card can contribute to promotion. For example, you can outline your company’s mission or write down your main competitive advantage.

Template or Original Project?

, How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards


Both options are valid. Creating a business card based on a ready-made template has the following advantages:

  • saving time;
  • finished design;
  • lots of free options.

The following factors speak in favor of making a business card from scratch:

  • you create a unique design;
  • no one will confuse you with another company;
  • more freedom in choosing design elements.

In fact, the choice of manufacturing option depends on your goals and skills. If you are good at Photoshop, it will not be difficult for you to make your own unique design for business cards. If your skills leave much to be desired, it is better to stop at the finished template. Its editing is much easier. In fact, all you have to do is add contact information and insert your logo in the appropriate place.

An intermediate option is also possible, in which you practice on free templates and create your own project as a result. This method has only one drawback: it is time-consuming.

The Process of Creation

If you decide to make your own unique project, we have great news for you: it’s an exciting job. In order to make it easier, we’ll divide the process into several stages and describe them.

Be creative

Obviously, studying the competitors is useful, but don not copy their ideas. Use all your creativity to make something special. The human brain tends to notice and remember unusual things, so do not limit yourself by rules regarding shape or form. Look at the following examples of the best professional photo business cards. They immediately catch attention.

, How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards


If you add a useful complementary option, like a rule on this picture, you can be sure that your potential clients won’t throw it away. Another variant is to make a card funny. We all love funny things, and you can use this fact to create positive associations with your firm.

, How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards


Draw the Project on Paper

We are so accustomed to computers and modern technologies that this stage may seem redundant. However, it is not. As soon as you draw your project on a regular sheet of paper, flaws and design errors will immediately become noticeable. In addition, you can cut out the card and see how it will look in reality. This step is a must for unusually shaped projects.

If you make changes, feel free to repeat the process and test your solutions on paper again. It is better to correct mistakes at this stage than to throw away already printed business cards.

Make It in the Program

After you have tested your project on paper, you can start creating a project directly in the program. The choice of software depends on your skills, preferences, and financial capabilities. It is best to use tools specially designed for this, such as Photoshop or Corel Draw. By the way, the second program is available for free.

However, a simple card of a standard form can be made even in Microsoft Word. Do not be surprised; this familiar app has a lot of hidden features. You can easily find a detailed guide on the Internet. Choose the program that you own or that you can quickly master. However, if you are not afraid of possible difficulties and you are ready to spend time, choose professional tools. Thus, creating business cards will be an additional opportunity for acquiring and honing new skills.

Print the Result

When you are ready, it’s time to make your creation physical. You can print it on cardboard or order something special, like wooden or metal business cards. Once again, the final decision depends on your creativity and budget.

Unusual solutions attract attention better, so they are more effective, but you should not rush to extremes and spend all your money on business cards. Find a balance between creativity and common sense.

What to Do Next

So now you know how to make business cards for photographers and the ways to create them using your imagination and background. Now you need. So that they are useful and help promote your activity. Of course, you can just give them to your friends and offer them to potential clients at the meeting, but this is not the most effective strategy. What can you do to get as many people as possible to know about your company?

Make Fridge Magnets from Business Cards

, How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards


The acquisition of an inexpensive magnetic base does not require serious investments, but it will bring significant benefits. People love to decorate their homes, and your business card will no longer be perceived as unnecessary garbage but as a gift. Even if you just put magnetic business card envelopes in mailboxes, few people will throw them away. Most likely, the recipients will attach them to the refrigerator and will occasionally stumble upon them with their eyes.

Make Business Cards Useful in the Office

, How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards


If you add a business card with a ruler or a calendar, you can distribute them to the offices of companies with which you want to establish cooperation. Two whole properties of the human psyche work here: love for gifts and unwillingness to get rid of the right thing.

Even if no one is going to use the ruler on your card, it will be much more difficult to throw it away. And you will achieve your goal because your logo and company name will constantly be in front of your eyes.

Find Allies

In any field, there are companies that do not compete but complement each other’s activities. For example, owners of furniture stores use the services of transport companies. These firms can safely advertise to each other without fear of losing customers.

You need to find similar solutions in your area.

For example, if you specialize in shooting weddings, leave your business cards in bridal salons and agree on cooperation with event organizers. If you prefer to photograph animals, then grooming salons can become your allies.


Now that you know the importance of business cards, you can use every opportunity to make them. No wonder, they say, that advertising is the engine of commerce. The more people who know about your company, the more customers you will have. Don’t miss this chance to introduce yourself with business cards. Making them is easy, even if you prefer to do it yourself. And if your budget involves more significant spending on advertising, you can turn to professionals. In this case, you will be able to fully realize all ideas and creative solutions.

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