Design Week is resting, and we’ll be back soon

Design Week is resting, and we’ll be back soon

Design Week is resting, and we’ll be back soon

Dear readers,

Many of you were disappointed when it was announced that Design Week would be closing at the beginning of 2024. We were too! As the developers of the site, we just didn’t feel wild about getting the job of decommissioning the site. During a chat about the closure, a joking comment about making an offer quickly turned serious. We soon asked, “Could you put us in touch with the right people at Centaur because I think we could buy it?”

Then we saw Jeremy Myerson, the founder of Design Week, commenting that “Surely the Design Week brand could be saved and given new life in the era of 24/7 digital communication?” As friends with Jeremy, who also hails from Liverpool, his words solidified the idea in my mind. I remembered my early career struggles and saw this as a rare opportunity. With the right connections, I believed we could make this work.

You could consider this our wildest impulse buy.

You might wonder what qualifies us to publish for the design industry. We operate under two names: Interconnect, known for technology services and coding, and Standfirst, which provides integrated design and development, primarily for the publishing industry. Over the years we’ve worked with publications like The New Statesman, The Spectator and The Telegraph, gaining valuable insights along the way. We believe we can make this work through solid planning and execution.

We’re glancing backwards, but looking forward

We can’t deny the history and value of the Design Week brand. It’s been hugely important to many in the industry and is clearly much loved. However, there were good reasons why it closed. There’s no denying that bringing it back to its glory days is going to be a challenge. It’s also important to realise that the world today is a very different place to the one in which Design Week previously thrived.

So we have a plan.

Strategically our aim is to help designers sell their design skills, and to facilitate the job of design buyers to find that great design. Some of you will be in the business of selling your work as employees of an organisation, and some of you will be selling it as freelancers. Some of you will be running small studios and others big agencies. Buyers may be working at a small business needing a new brand, or with a huge international brand wanting a new design system for managing the implementation of a huge print and digital campaign. All of it matters and connecting the different sides of the buying and selling equation is critical.

We also intend to find ways of boosting individuals from all walks of life who’ve entered the industry, and finding ways for you to shine in an industry where, sometimes, connections can feel like they matter more than skill. If you have skill in design, we intend to find ways of making you shine brightly in the community.

And to help with all of the above we’re about to start recruitment. If you’re a recruiter, we’re already sorted, thanks, but if you’re an editor or a reporter who’d like to work with us we’ll have an online form available soon and will make an announcement very early next week.

But first tell us what you would like to see!

I’ve been trying to write this as a personal letter. Because I want you to know that there are real people here, who care about Design Week and want to see it add real value to the design community. The thing is, if we don’t serve you well, Design Week will just fade away. We need your help to ensure we serve you well.

Our job is to bring people together. But there are many different ways of doing that. Let us know in the comments what you’d be most excited about Design Week bringing to the market. No limits! We’ll read every single comment you leave. This way, you might just help shape the future of Design Week.

Yours faithfully,

David Coveney
Publisher at Design Week

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